Four Lines Of Code Is All It Takes For The New York Times’ Paywall To Come Tumbling Down

http://www.businessinsider.com/four-lines-of-code-is-all-it-takes-for-the-new-york-times-paywall-to-come-tumbling-down-2011-3 http://www.niemanlab.org/2011/03/that-was-quick-four-lines-of-code-is-all-it-takes-for-the-new-york-times-paywall-to-come-tumbling-down-2/

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The New York Times subscription plan doesn’t protect print, it promotes the mobile Web


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Graphic Designer’s Roadmap (Infographic)

Posted on February 24th, 2011. Written by Sean. Over the past 3 months we interviewed a series of industry leading graphic designers on our blog. From their interviews, we created an extremely useful infographic entitled “Graphic Designer’s Road Map” which features information to help you grow as a graphic designer. http://blog.smartpress.com/printing-interesting-resources/graphic-designers-roadmap-infographic Originally found this on […]

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Welcome to Handy Tips for Web Design

I am a student enrolled in the One-Year Web Design Technical Diploma program at MATC in Milwaukee, WI. There is a lot of reading required for these classes. I’ll share ideas with you as I’m finding from my classes. Enjoy! 12/22/2014: New link to the web designer program

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