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Rush album coverRUSH TRIBUTE BANDS (must be “active”)

Animation – Chicago/Milwaukee

Anthem – San Diego CA

Blah – San Antonio, TX

Bravado – United Kingdom

Chronicles – Bronx, NY

Clockwork Angels – Glasgow, Scotland – link not working

Exit Stage Left – San Antonio, TX

Exit Stage Left – United Kingdom

Hemispheres – Staten Island, NY

kRUSH – Wilmington, DE

La Villa Strangiato – Europe


Lotus Land – NJ

Modern Day Warriors – Vancouver BC Canada

Moving Pictures – Scotland’s tribute to Rush

Moving Pictures – NYC

My Favorite Headache – Toronto Ontario Canada

Mystic Rhythms – USA

Natural Science – CA & NV

New World Men – Montreal Quebec Canada

R50 Tribute – San Francisco CA

RASH – Sacramento, CA

Rush Monterrey Tribute – Monterrey, Mexico – link not working

Rush MORE – Dallas TX

Rush Tribute Project – WI and midwest

Rushed – United Kingdom

The Rushians


Solar Federation


The Spirit Of Rush – Atlanta GA

Subdivisions – Italy

Sun Dogs – Washington DC

Three Snow Dogs – Brazil


Tom Sawyer

Ultimate Rush Tribute – Orlando, FL

Vapor Trail – FL, CT, NY


Vital Signs – Wisconsin



ZUSH – Tokyo, Japan

Herb Ripka