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image of Herb Ripka“Ask a Better Question, Get a Better Answer” is Herb’s motto. He is an analytical learner, always trying to find new ways of doing things. Google Analytics Certified, he works to get your company’s website noticed by Google. A former photo retoucher, Herb is interested in the entire marketing/ design/ communication process. Called a “civic machine”, he spends a lot of his spare time on helping his beloved community of Greendale as a former Cub Scout Cubmaster, organizer of the annual Public reading of the “Declaration of Independence” in Greendale (17 years straight!), Greendale Garden Walk volunteer/ chalk man/ webmaster (20+ years), and current member of the Greendale Lions. (24+ years) and Lions Rummage On The Green coordinator (20+ years)

Tom Sawyer, the Rush Musical Theater Show

I have written a screenplay for an animated or sci-fi movie based on the Rush universe, complete with a Rush soundtrack.

Tom Sawyer the Music Theater Screenplay (based on the “2112” storyline)
This is not a musical where the dialog is put to music. Musical theater might be a better description. Take a look at the screenplay. Song, spoken dialog, song, spoken dialog, etc.

Tom Sawyer_Synopsis/Setlist

Geddy Lee would love to adapt Rush albums to musical theater
see 7:41 of

LOGLINE (short description): In the year 2112, Tom Sawyer discovers a guitar, forbidden by The Priests of Syrinx. Embracing The Spirit of Radio, Tom wants to express his Freewill through music. Forced to Fly By Night, he uncovers a secret Closer to the Heart that threatens the governing technocracy.
List of

Rush Tribute Bands (must be “active”)

SCRIPT – Life In The Village: Greendale Remembers

by Robert Massey & Herbert Ripka
SYNOPSIS: A proposed three-act play, about a family’s memories of early Greendale, over a span of five years from 1936 to 1941. Five years that changed their lives.
An outside play, walking to three locations in downtown Greendale.

‘Greendale By The Numbers’ trivia quiz (PDF)

Lions TravelLog Idea (PDF)

Walking Routes in Greendale WI

Restaurants near Greendale WI

Public Reading of the “Declaration of Independence” on July 4 in Greendale, WI


AIM – Automatic Investment Management spreadsheet

SPREADSHEET: AIM – Automatic Investment Management by Robert Lichello Google Sheet
BOOK: How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically: (4th Edition) by Robert Lichello, on Amazon
Twinvest from Robert Lichello, and Dollar Cost Averaging, Value Averaging, Invest%, all on a Google Sheet!!

Read more about me at Faces of Greendale

My resume

Business card, web-design style
Business card, XML style

* What you #tax, you get less of.
When you #subsidize something, you get more of it.
This helps explain the problems we have.

5 Levers Of Government Control
A fine is a payment for doing wrong
A tax is a payment for doing well
A fee is a payment to do something
A license is a permission to do something.
A regulation is to prevent something.

Government: You owe us money. It's called taxes.
Me: How much do I owe?
Gov't: You have to figure that out.
Me: I just pay what I want?
Gov't: Oh, no. We know exactly how much you owe. But you have to guess that number too.
Me: What if I get it wrong?
Gov't: You go to prison.…

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