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Neil Peart (1952-2020)
Forever in our hearts

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an animated or sci-fi movie based on the Rush universe, complete with a Rush soundtrack?
There could be. I’ve written a script.

Logline for “Tom Sawyer the RUSH Musical”:
In the year 2112,
Tom Sawyer discovers a guitar, forbidden by The Priests of Syrinx, rulers of the planet Megadon.
Embracing The Spirit of Radio,
Tom wants to express his Freewill through music.
Forced to Fly By Night,
avoiding the Limelight,
and guided by a philosopher,
he uncovers a secret Closer to the Heart that threatens the governing technocracy.

Tom Sawyer the Musical_Script (Google doc)

Tom Sawyer the Musical_Logline-Synopsis-Setlist (Google doc)
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Rush album cover

RUSH TRIBUTE BANDS (must be “active”)

Animation – Chicago/Milwaukee  (Facebook link doesn’t work)

Anthem – San Diego CA

Blah – San Antonio, TX

Bravado – United Kingdom

Chronicles – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clockwork Angels – Glasgow, Scotland – link not working

Cygnus X-2 Plays Rush – NC, SC, GA

Exit Stage Left – San Antonio, TX (Facebook link doesn’t work)

Exit Stage Left – United Kingdom – link not working (Facebook link doesn’t work)

Freewill The Rush Experience –

Grand Designs: Rush Tribute Project – Columbus, OH

La Villa Strangiato – Europe


Lotus Land – NJ

Moving Pictures – Scotland’s tribute to Rush

Moving Pictures – NYC

My Favorite Headache – Toronto Ontario Canada

Natural Science – CA & NV (Facebook link doesn’t work)

New World Men – Montreal Quebec Canada

R50 Tribute – San Francisco CA

RASH – Sacramento, CA

Rush Monterrey Tribute – Monterrey, Mexico

Rush Tribute Project – WI and midwest

Rushed – United Kingdom

Rushour – Florida

The Rushians – The Netherlands

Rushified – Arizona


Solar Federation

The Spirit Of Rush – Atlanta GA

Sun Dogs – Washington DC


Tom Sawyer – A Tribute To RUSH – Chicago, IL

Ultimate Rush Tribute – Orlando, FL

Vapor Trail – FL, CT, NY

YYC – Calgary, Alberta, Canada


ZUSH – Tokyo, Japan

list updated on 4/19/2024

RUSH album covers

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